[15:25, 7/28/2015] 

cynthianichu : Hm … first i know you on Des 18th 2012. You said, im a boy … coz never use real pic.

Haha … im so afraid to Daddy at that time coz he will angry if know his daugter have facebook acc. I really surprise when, March 20th 2013 you started ask my pic, you said you wanna know with me and then you show my picture to your mother. She like me, I’m shy for first time a boy give now pic to his mom and lately you say have feeling to me. Hm … I’m confuse, because we never meet and othertime i ever hurt coz indian boy ya, i think u know “F“.

Uh, I said yes to you. I see the moon so beautiful and beside that there a star. You said, “the moon is me, and the star is you. I share to my grandma, she afraid. So, she said to me for forget you and so impossible we meet coz far a way distance and different time. You know before i said to broke, i had dreams tht “F“ back in same time. He leave me, when i with you he come.

 I’m angry but I dont know have 2 part heart. I so afraid make all pains. So, I tell to “F“ that love you, and i tell u tht he back. So, I decide to be sister with “f“ and try to lose you from my heart. 💔

[15:37, 7/28/2015] 

cynthianichu: Hum, that time really hurt, but you always said, “ I can‘t leave you, dear. Miss you … love u a lot.”

But i dont know what must i do? 
So I still love you, coz you consider that Allah with help us.

When, I try to love u … but June i stop open fb coz test graduate for 3rd. I focus, after test im back to fb but i cant see you, your name change. You so cold, when I posting lyric of song in ur wall you never give like, meanwhile i know u online so i delete that post.

Hm i waiting you in FB until one month.

July 29th 2013 my daddy got accident that so painfull i share to you, but u just seen my message and not reply. I hate you at that time, i just share to my brother in New Delhi.

Meanwhile, I wanna you at that time. When i told you, with anger u said, “I on test dear, tomorrow exam, i was promise to my Mom … please understand.
You know i feel so pain and don’t come on FB for a week again. You was not say happy birtday in my birtday. I cry sad and so hate you.

When you back, I angry to you but you always stolen my ❤

My feeling calm … so annoyed one. The same time come “J“ be best friend. Ever dennying his message lately coz i hate uknown person.

[15:40, 7/28/2015] 

cynthianichu: You so cold, annoyed and not be there for me. Everytime, I stalking but i saw you always online. You more happy with your friends, you tag your photo with your friends (girls) and she look like love u. I am  sad. Really cant hold my jealose.

So, I stand by in FB.
[16:02, 7/28/2015] 

cynthianichu: You know “J“ always care me, give spirit and other for prepare final exam. I dont know i have same feeling with him. September, He said love me. I dont know how i must said. I have you also. So i tell in truth to you and him with same time.
Really, I give challenge to you and him. Who will see me first, He will marriage me. You and him accept but October my bro said i must stop have lover … coz in Islam nothing relationship. So i sent that message to you and “J” also. I trying move on and focus my study.

January i ever block and “J” but coz i have much acc i can send friend request ckckckckck for stalker you but i so suprise when you said in status, “Wow! You are beautiful face“.

I’m so confuse. I know we had no chatted yet, have no relation again. I confuse, who is her?

I really jealose coz my feeling always right. Then I remove block and be friend again to you and other … coz friendship more important than have foe. ☺

Next i ask to you, do u have any girl? 

You said, “yes!” Huhu you know i felt some ⚡ turn on my heart. I’m smile when we chat but i confuse why you said miss me? Meanwhile you have lover. ckckc. 

I said to my self for happy without love.

Hm … really at that time i more sick when you said “was engange with her”. I feel down but i always cheers up.

I back to bali … in bali “J“ back but i avoid him. He still said❤ but i cant. He look like seriously, i acc. 

After one month pass, his attitude so bad. He ask me bla bla … so bad boy in my mind. So, I stop open social media to avoid him. At same time you share to me that T**n* selfish, not good and bla bla. You know im sad and happy.

I become sad coz your family get wrong girl and happy coz you single. I thinks … will be there feeling for me? haha Allah said i must be patient. Finally you still love me ❤ im also … altough much said impossible for meet. I prayed … I hope you get the best and always be happy.

“Love u my tom ❤, “ you said.

“Me too,“ Cynthia said.

My wish, we will together fix our problems … We will always learn from mistake in past.
Learning different traditions, language and culture. Cause there heart will make us will not separated. aaminn.
[16:36, 7/28/2015] nichu: Iam afraid ….
[16:36, 7/28/2015] nichu: Tom…love you more than anything…..
[16:36, 7/28/2015] nichu: I wants you….
[16:37, 7/28/2015] nichu: In this world and outside world…
[16:38, 7/28/2015] nichu: 💓
[16:38, 7/28/2015] nichu: Miss you a lot sweetheart.
[17:47, 7/28/2015] cynthianichu: miss you too Jerry ☺ hahaha Are you cry?
[17:47, 7/28/2015] cynthianichu: sorry lately im charger my phone.
[17:48, 7/28/2015] cynthianichu: now still 75 % but i must fast in here.
[17:48, 7/28/2015] cynthianichu: coz my data will over
[17:54, 7/28/2015] cynthianichu: why do you afraid?
[19:00, 7/28/2015] nichu: How you can tell about us till 2013-2015….
[19:00, 7/28/2015] nichu: I can’t it…
[19:01, 7/28/2015] nichu: I appreciate U…

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